Nez Magazine #12

Design & Perfume

Torn between its artistic, artisanal, commercial and technical dimensions, between rational and emotional, and if perfume was above all considered a design object?

Nez offers to discover the world through our olfactory sensations, with a multidisciplinary approach: art, literature, photography, science, history, gastronomy, perfumery... To understand the essential role of smell in our lives.

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Nez Magazine #12
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of combat
What is the olfactory environment of a boxer?

They make good use of their nose and build the world of olfaction in their own way.

Everything you always wanted to know about odors without ever daring to ask for it.
Lactones, creamy and fruity molecules
Everything about rhubarb
Dissected Christmas Eve smells

Invisible, essential, scents accompany all fields of creation.

Boris Vian, the foam of the senses
Montreuil, flowers make the wall
Äponem, the sustainable gastronomy of Amélie Darvas and Gaby Benicio
Amnesia, by Antoine Renard
The double secret, by René Magritte
Céline Ellena's olfactory chronicle


An exploration of the world of perfumes through its actors, its manufacturing secrets, its history.
Report: Geranium
Interview: Anne Flipo
Flashback: American perfumery
The imaginary shop

Combining aesthetic, material and economic constraints, perfumery must constantly comply with market, chemical or environmental requirements.

Gesture and manner: art and the way of perfume yourself through history
From kyphi to ace: evolution of the shape and function of fragrances and those who create them
The senses of design: interview with three specialists in multisensory communication
Perfumes on air: when odorous devices set the mood
Draw me a smell: why and how to represent the scents?
Chance and necessity: an overview of graphic achievements affixed to bottles


From consumer products to works of art: Nose probes the underside of the industry and deciphers the 30 novelties that make the news.
Investigation: press kit, the art of staging the intangible
Genealogy: woody notes
Brand profile: olfactory studio
The selection: favorites & novelties

Mood ticket


Angelin Preljocaj + Annick Menardo, behind the scenes of a creation