Nez Magazine #13

Spring/Summer 2022, Near or far

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Nez Magazine #13
Dárkové poukazy
Dárkové poukazy
Potěště své blízké dárkovým
poukazem na výjimečné vůně
a péči o pleť i tělo
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Near or far
Smells, whether intimate or infinitely distant, are closely linked to our environment. What is the olfactory dimension of the space around us? Nez takes you on an olfactory journey around the world through the prism of history, anthropology, science, art, literature, trade and marketing. The final destination? A greater understanding of the power that the sense of smell has in our lives.


of the night
What is the olfactory universe of night owls?

They make good use of their noses and build the world of olfaction in their own way.

Everything you always wanted to know about smells but were afraid to ask.
Etyl maltol, a praline that sticks to the nose
All about anise
De la laire, the basics of modern perfumery
The smells of the carnival dissected

Invisible, essential, scents accompany all fields of creation.

Marcel Proust, chamber pot and vases of perfume
In the studio, by Pablo Reinoso, with Domitille-Michalon Bertier
The bartender, Emanuele Balestra
"In love with the world", by D'Anicka Yi
"The madeleine at the night light", by Georges de la Tour
The olfactory chronicle of Céline Ellena


An exploration of the world of perfumes through its actors, its manufacturing secrets, its history.
Feature: Mint
Interview: Mark Buxton
Flashback: Italian perfumery
The imaginary store

Wake, distance, interactions, smells of places or the cosmos: how is our nose connected to its environment?

Further, stronger, faster: In perfumery, everything is measured, even the diffusion of a fragrance
Dematerialize odors, mission impossible? : in the all-digital era, researchers are busy
Mechanics of distancing: interview with anthropologist David Le Breton
Architectures: Our nostrils help us understand our living environment
Houston, I smell something: The infinity that surrounds us inspires perfumers and artists


From consumer product to work of art: Nez probes the underside of the industry and deciphers the 30 novelties that are making the news.
Survey: these exclusives who win the day
Genealogy: marine notes
Brand portrait: a nomadic night
The selection: favorites & novelties
Mood note: scents on the big screen